Sep 19, 2007

iFrame Injection Source?

Sources for iFrame injection?

Try this one as a site and a "major" source, which is so blatant it is mind boggling, and truly worth "outing". Those webmasters who have been flagged and have battled against iFrame injection, here is one of the major sources, try blaming these guys as opposed to Google / StopBadWare. Luckily a few of us have just recently been able to get McAfee's Site Advisor to blacklist them (Red X).

iFrameDollars (dot) com - - Just so you knwo they pay webmasters / smaller hosts to inject iFrame exploits on other websites!!!!

To cover this here is a email sent to their US based host - still unanswered! - Please help by contacting them.

To "Layered Technologies" Abuse Team - you can contact them on Phone: 1-866-584-6784, General Information:, Sales Information:


Checking your acceptable use policy, how come you allow iFramedollars com to have dedicated serving or any hosting at all?

Do you have any idea what they actually do? Check out their web site or even better check out their business model as they still call it iFrame Cash as their earlier form iFrameDollars biz; try:

ISC Sans = iframeDOLLARS; Cyber Extortion,

Spamhaus =

and many many more......

Please note the registrant info etc., exactly the same on as within the Rokso lasso, even more obvious is the web site still states iFrame Cash & iFrame biz, and the same iFrame exploit "affiliate" model.

As someone who helps out on website clean ups, they currently claim 300 webmasters who essentially are injecting and spreading iFrame exploits for cash.

I am certain StopBadWare, Spamhaus, ISC Sans, FBI, etc., etc. will only be too surprised to now learn the RBN's (Russian Business Network) so called "bullet-proof hosting" is actually based within the US at layeredtech (dot) com.

I look forward to your reply.

As mentioned, no reply to 5 emails, maybe we all should enquire of we could make the difference?

Here are a few questions and points:

(1) Can StopBadWare / Google do anything about this flagrant abuse of the webmaster community?

(2) Here is the clearest example of the need for a public blacklist list of "professional" Badware distributors (thanks to Site Advisor, but how about here)?

(3) We sometimes rightly debate about Twinky, Zango, etc., how about deliberately distributing iFrame exploits for $$$ as an affiliate, any one prepared to defend this?

(4) Who would also like to know who the 300+ host / webmaster affiliates (BadWare distributors) are of "iframe Cash"?

(5) Just so you know, after you have been flagged by Google, lost business, and spent sleepless nights trying to fix your web site, and keep it clean; the FrameCash affiliates get about $1.50 for your site , as long as they produce a minimum of 50 sites per month!!!

I told you mind boggling!

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